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Systemy laboratoryjne SybaLab

Technika laboratoryjna

Well designed laboratory concepts for education and training

SybaLab is a logical supplement to the Lucas-Nülle product range and has been specifically developed to accommodate complex tasks. The SybaLab system guarantees you innovative, user-oriented solutions. Designed with the utmost flexibility in mind, SybaLab is available in countless specific configurations and can be adapted to any individual needs.

The laboratory system with its high-quality workplaces, power supply conforming to the international 3 HU/19" standard and providing for intra lab networking rounds off the range of fittings and equipment for fully equipped technological labs.

SybaLab is synonymous with accomplished design, combining aesthetics, functionality, flexibility, ergonomics and quality. 

Gleichspannungsgeräte für Ihr Labor

Sybaplanning - Laboratory planning tools

The user-friendly laboratory planning tools from Lucas-Nülle open up a new dimension in the planning and configuration of technical laboratories. pCon.planner and the EKK power outlet configuration program are easy-to-use tools with which you can plan innovative labs and view them in a 3D representation. …

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